Like the Puritan-era narratives she studies, Hannah Guttentag's early-1990's narrative is a chronicle of the strange places she travels—Nashville, Ithaca, New Orleans, Cleveland, Nebraska—the savages who captivate her—librarians, grad students, professors, her baby—and the redemption she earns.

Praise for A True History

This novel you are holding is a saucy, heartrending campus romp, full of sex and death, and Nabokovian nods galore. Russell hits all the emotional registers, and provides a moving portrait of an artist, or just a plain old person, struggling to balance it all—inner life and outer life, children, grief, and love." —Heidi Julavits, author of The Vanishers

"Josh Russell is a maniac. Only he would think to combine a modern-day women's captivity narrative with a hilariously cruel academic satire, and sprinkle in a biting exploration of identity politics. Only he would combine them  and only he  would do it so well. Hannah Guttentag, his protagonist, is a sparkling creation and the story of her 'captivity' is full of cold, dark tribulations, but also, glory be, with sunshine. This book is an ass-kicker so please form an orderly line and you will all get your ass kicked." —Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine & The Devil in Silver

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  • Novel Literary Fiction
    Language: English / Published: 02 September 2012


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