The debut story collection from Kesey includes nineteen stories previously published in literary journals such as Ninth Letter, McSweeney's, and The Kenyon Review. The story "Wait" was included in the Best American Short Stories 2007.


"[All Over] constantly demands attention and admiration. Line by line, this book ranks among the best post-postmodern fiction that I’ve read in years." â€”The Believer

"Here, Kesey walks the line between realism and allegory, offering situations we recognize, then turning them until we’re not sure what we’re seeing anymore. It’s a vivid effect that... gives All Over a sneaky power to make us think again about a world in which anything can happen, and often does." â€”The Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A near-direct descendant of Samuel Beckett." â€”Time Out Chicago

"This is an astonishing debut collection by a writer who deftly uses language, rendering it both spare and rich, sentences and paragraphs reverberating long after the book has been put down. Kesey's keen eye slices through pretence and artifice and although we may not always comprehend his writings on the surface, in our bones we know what he writes are truths." â€”The Short Review

"There is something for everyone here, at least for those who are willing to let fiction take them places they wouldn't ordinarily go."—January Magazine

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  • Short stories
    Language: English / Published: 02 September 2012


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